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Photo of dozens of men on a wagon, ca. 1917, in Vancouver. Ed Post is somewhere in the crowd.
Edward Post, one of 9 children, was born on Jan 27, 1896 to Lambertus Post & Geertruida Mulder of Zeeland, Mi. His siblings included Peter, Mary, Jennie, Abel, Anna, John, Grace, and Burt Post. Ed died on June 12, 1983 in Holland, Mi. Edward married Margaret Poest on Sept 25, 1919 in Zeeland, Mi. She was the daughter of Jan (John) Poest and Geertje (Gertie) Nagelhout. She died September 22, 1986 in Holland, MI. In 1936, Edward bought Casey Huizenga’s barber shop at 331 College in Holland. In 1940, Edward’s son James started part-time at the shop. Jim attended Barber College near Jamestown, Mi and also worked at National Biscuit until he completed his training. Edward retired in 1961. Jim worked until 1973 when short haircuts started becoming long hairstyles. The shop was sold to employee Randy Driesenga. Hope College bought the property in 1993 and the building was demolished for additions to Western Seminary. Inducted February 4, 1918 Discharged December 21, 1918 Army 432nd 407 qd A.S.S.C. Served in Vancouver, Washington

Holland, MI resident Ed Post was stationed in the army barracks at Vancouver, WA during World War One. The Vancouver barracks were established by the US Army in 1849.
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