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Photograph, black and white, showing students at Beechwood Hills School. Roy Heath is in the center, back row, with slightly visible check mark above his head.
The Heath family arrived in Holland, MI ca. 1891. At that time, the family consisted of Alfred L. Heath (1862-1941), his wife Rose (1864-1954) and their children: Alfred Leroy "Roy" Heath (1885-1979); and, Hazen Heath (1887-1971). In 1894, Alfred and Rosie welcomed Almon Heath into the world. Tillie followed in 1896 and Perry in 1899. Almon, Tillie and Perry were all born in Holland, MI. The last child, Grace, was born in 1905 in Colorado. Of the 6 children, only Alfred "Roy" Heath remained in Holland, MI. The other children, and their parents, had left Holland by 1905, living the remainder of their lives elsewhere. Alfred "Roy" Heath married Avis Gertrude hall in Holland, MI on 6-19-1908. Their children were: Alfred "Bud" Heath (1909-1979); Robert J. Heath (1915- ); Elizabeth Heath (1919-2006); Ida Rose Heath (1921-2006); and, Lila Fern Heath (1926-1942).
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