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Black and white photograph showing five rows of people (none identified), 38 people total, gathered to celebrate the wedding anniversary of Hein and Janna Van Lente.  They are in the second row from the bottom, near the center of the row (Hein has white beard).
Hein and Janna were married on 3-30-1864.  This photograph was most likely taken in March of 1904, on their 40th wedding anniversary.
Hein Van Lente was born to Frederik and Maria Van Lente in 1840 in the Netherlands. He arrived in America in 1847. On 3-30-1864 he married Johanna "Janna" Steketee. Janna was born to Cornelis and Dirkje Steketee on 1-24-1844 in the Netherlands. She arrived in America in 1854.

The US Census from 1880, 1900 and 1910 shows Hein and Janna residing in the Holland, MI area.

The gentleman in the back row, far right, is Albert Meppelink, son-in-law to Hein and Janna. Albert married Cornelia "Kate" Van Lente. Albert passed away in 1908. So this photo could not have been taken in 1914, on Hein and Janna's 50th anniversary.
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Meppelink, Kate