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Black and white photograph of Mary Lokker Manting (1859-1926), wife of Dr. Albert Manting.
Geert Manting was born in Drenthe, Netherlands on 7-16-1813. According to the 1850 US census, Geert was living in Fillmore, Allegan County, MI at that time. Fillmore is listed as his residence in the 1860, 1870 and 1880 US census as well. Geert married Maiske Westing (1834-1911) in Allegan, MI on 2-22-1852. Maiske was born in the Netherlands on 3-27-1834 and died in Fillmore, MI on 1-29-1911. Geert passed away in Ottawa County, MI on 12-28-1891. He was buried in Graafschap Cemetery. Their children included Dr. Albert Manting (1858-1897), who married Mary Lokker Mantingh Van Anrooy (1859–1926), Reka Manting (1854-1930) and Ida Hazekamp (1863-1956), who married Hendrick Hazekamp.
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Weaver, Mrs. H.D.