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Hiftorifche Chronyck by Johann Ludwig Gotrridi
Translation: Historical Chronology of the Monarchy
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Publisher Johann Ludwig Gottfried (1584-1633) was known for his translations and compilation of many distinguished publications. This book, Historische Chronijk, tells the memorable story from the beginning of the world to the year Christ took place.
Rev. Cornelius Vander Veen, the editor of de Hope newspaper, lived on 7th Street during the Holland fire of 1871. The brick de Hope office, located on the Hope College grounds (13th & College), did not burn, But, as Rev. Van Raalte mentioned in an address on Oct. 10, 1871, van den Veen "lost all he had. While he was helping in other sections of the city, he came back too late to save his own belongings; he only buried part of his books." These rare 16th & 17th century books were among those that Rev. van der Veen buried.
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Vander Veen, J.