Catalog Number
Holland's First Band
Date of Origin
between 1881 and 1937.
Schepers, Ralph J.
Painting of Holland's first band.  The painting is a reproduction of a photograph taken in 1871 in Holland, MI at the site where Fabiano's Pizza is now located.  The painting shows 9 band members, each in uniform.  Behind the band, several onlookers can be seen.
The painting is primarily black, grays and tan, giving it the feel of a black and white photograph.
This painting was done by Holland, MI resident Ralph J. Schepers (1861-1943), son of Rev. Jacob Schepers and Jantien Lanning.
The band, formed in 1871, consisted of, from left to right: William J. Scott; John Grotenhuis; John Roost; Alfred Huntley; Otto Breyman (1834-1904); Gus La Barbe (1848-1928); John Kramer; Peter Gunst ( -1928); &, Walter Heald.
According to the Holland City News from August 19, 1937, Peter Gunst, a Civil War vet buried in Pilgrim Home, was one of only a few men from Michigan that witnessed the shooting of Abraham Lincoln in Ford's Theater.
Gift of
Karsten, Harold