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Black and white photograph of Hermanus Vaupell, pioneer settler. Mr. Vaupell owned a shop, located on 8th Street, that made saddles, harnesses and trunks. His shop and house burned during the fire of 1871, with a total loss of $2,450. Mr. Vaupell was insured for $600. This photograph and that of his wife, Cornelia Nijhuis, were probably made just before or just after the fire. 
Hermanus "Herman" Vaupell was born in the Netherlands on 10-10-1820. He passed away in Holland, MI on 1-27-1881. He married Cornelia Nijhuis in New York in 1849.
The 1860, 1870 and 1880 US Census show them living in Holland, MI.
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Arendshorst, William