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ca. 1881
Photo of the Chicago & West Michigan Railroad depot, built in 1881, on east 8th Street near Lincoln. A canopy would later be added in 1895. This was the third depot in Holland at the time.
The first set of train tracks to reach Holland, MI arrived in 1870. They were an extension of a line from Allegan, built by the Michigan Lake Shore Rail Road Co. (MLS). That same year, on these very tracks, Holland, MI welcomed its first train. The train arrived 6-6-1870.

Their rival, the Chicago & Michigan Lake Shore Railroad Co. (C & MLS), constructed the second set of tracks to reach Holland and the first train depot in Holland. This depot was built on the west side of Land Street (now called Lincoln), just south of 9th St. It was built in 1871.

In 1875, the City of Holland constructed the city’s second depot. It was located on 7th Street near the junction of the MLS and C & MLS lines.

By 1881, both the MLS and the C & MLS rail road companies had merged to become the Chicago & West Michigan Railroad Co. (C & WM).

The C & WM would build the third train depot in Holland, MI, completing construction in 1881. It was located on 8th Street near Land (Lincoln).

A fourth depot, later known as the Pere Marquette depot, was built on 8th Street in 1916.
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Batema, William (1882-1950)