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Medal, round, with black case.  On the front of the medal, at the bottom, are the words "BLOEMENDAAL'S BLOEI 1906".  There is a star at the top of the medal face, with a floral design below.
Medal won by donor, Peter Prenen for cabinet 1964.2.1, a handmade and carved medicine cabinet made while he was in the army and won the medal at a military craft show in Haarlem. 

Peter B. Prenen (1890-1969), was born in the Netherlands. He moved to Holland, MI in 1954 with his wife Wilhelmina (1889-1975). They became US citizens on November 5, 1959.

Soon after their arrival to Holland, MI in 1954, Peter began working for Roamer Boat. They lived at 435 West 21st Street. Their daughter, Wilhelmina Prenen Ter Voort, lived at 270 W. 21st with husband Richard Ter Voort.
Gift of
Prenen, Peter