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20 X 39.25 in.
Treat and Davis brand organ, made in New Haven, CN, walnut finish. The George Harrington family lived south of Holland, near the Old Wing Mission, during the 1871 fire. Afraid that the fire would claim their house, the family hastily buried this organ in their yard, having wrapped it in carpeting to protect the finish. their house did not burn, and the Harringtons housed the family of Methodist minister William Bronson while the Methodist parsonage, which burned in the fire, was rebuilt.
This organ was in the George S. Harrington (1807-1881) family. They were amoung the first settlers in 1845. During the 1871 Holland fire the organ was wrapped in carpets and buried in the ground.
Lulu Harrington was George’s great-granddaughter. Lulu’s parents were Herbert E. Harrington and Mary Eliz. Harrington.
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Lulu Harrington Estate