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1.8 X 36 in.
Cow kickers, to keep cows from kicking while being milked, spring in the middle is for the cow’s tail.
The donor of 1968.2, Charles Zone (1889-1979), lived in Holland, MI with his wife Anna (1888-1976) at 280 E. 11th (1940, 1952, 1968 Holland City Directories). Charles worked in the lab at the Spring Air Company (1940, 1947 Holland city dir.) and as a machine operator at the Charles Sligh Furniture Co. (1952 Holl. city dir.).

Charles was born in the Netherlands in 1889. He lived in Iowa before arriving in Holland, MI about 1938. Although he may have farmed in Iowa, he was never a farmer in Holland, MI. Therefore it is unlikely that Charles used the farm implements in accession 1968.2 (cow kickers, pig hook, cow hook). These could very well have been used by his father in the Netherlands.

Although the accession records are not clear, 1968.2.1-5 most likely arrived from the Netherlands with Charles Zone and may all pre-date his time in Holland, MI.
Gift of
Zone, Charles