abstract of title
abstract of title
abstract of title
abstract of title

abstract of title

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Copy of an 11 page abstract of title for the property where the Old Wing Mission was built (later the home of Isaac Fairbanks).  The land is located in Fillmore Township, Allegan County, MI., NW1/4 SE1/4 Section 3, T4N, R15W.

The abstract lists grantors and grantees involved with the property going back to George Smith on November 10, 1841,
The Old Wing Mission (aka Old Wing Inn) is located in Holland, MI at 5298 147th Ave. It was established In 1839 as a Christian colony for members of the Ottawa and led by Chief Joseph Wakazoo and Rev. George Smith. In 1848 the colony moved to Northport, MI. The Old Wing Mission was purchased a few years later by Isaac Fairbanks and remained in his family through 1950.

Rev. George N. Smith (1807-1881) and his wife Arvilla Powers Smith (1808-1895) were missionary teachers of Chief Joseph Wakazoo, and, later, Chief Peter Wakazoo.

Isaac Fairbanks, born 11-10-1818 in Massachusetts, was a government agent at time of settlers arrival in Holland, MI in 1847. Isaac married Ann Woodruff on 1-30-1840 in Richland, MI. He died 7-24-1903 in Holland, MI. Both are buried in Pilgrim Home Cemetery in Holland, MI. Fairbanks children include: 1. James Lewis b. 2-16-1842 in Richland, MI 2. Albert Stephen b. 2-28-1845 in Fillmore Twnp. 3. Mary Ann b. 9-20-1847 in Fillmore Twnp. 4. Isaac Henry b.3-28-1851 in Fillmore Twnp. 5. Emma Nancy b. 9-14-1853 in Fillmore Twnp. 6. Charles Wm. b. 8-1-1855 in Fillmore Twnp.
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Vinstra, Andrew H.