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Framed, black and white photographs of the Holland (aka Dutch) Independent Baseball Club.  Each member appears from the chest up in oval-shaped photos.  The year 1924 appears in the center of the photograph, above the words "Games Won 24 Games Lost 4".
The players shown are R. Ashley, B. Batema, D. Jappinga, V. Hoover, Dr. Waltz, Spriggs Te Roller, Babe Woldring, G. Batema, M. Hoover, H. Vande Bunte, F. De Young and B. Riemersma.
The Holland Independence baseball team, in the Federal League, played at the 19th Street Field in Holland, MI. Now the site of Rosa Parks Green. Several Holland Independence players were recruited to the White Sox’s farm team.

Ben "Benny" Batema served in a field artillery company during WW1. He was born on 9-25-1888 in the Netherlands to Johannes and Willemke Batema. Benny passed away in Holland, MI on 11-11-1952. Benny played baseball for the Holland Independents in 1909. He was still with the team in 1916 and in 1922.

Benny managed the Flying Dutchmen baseball team in Holland for 19 years, from about 1933-1952. He married Hazel Harris and was employed by the De Pree Company.
Gift of
Te Roller, Margaret Dronkers (1898-1986)