ice Skates

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Strap-on ice skates; very rusty, ca. 1910.
Donor Ruth Keppel graduated from the Chicago Musical College, moved back to Holland and made a career out of her musical talent for playing the violin. She opened a studio at 210 River Ave. and gave music lessons. When a bone disease forces her to end her musical career, she turned to needle crafts to fill her time. Miss Keppel was also very involved in civic life in Holland; she was a member of the Woman's Literary Club, Holland Garden Club, and St. Cecelia Society. Keppel was also a dedicated local historian, writing scores of columns for the Holland Sentinel, as well as penning "Trees to Tulips," a history of the settlement of Holland, Michigan. Ruth Keppel passed away in 1993.
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Keppel, Ruth (c/o Delphine Sanger)