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World War 1 Army Helmet. Heavy steel, dark olive-green color. The chin strap is in good condition, inscribed with the name "F.B. Van Ry, Pigeon Co. No. 1". Stamped on rear of helmet is "ZD194"; slightly rough on outside and worn on the inside. Chin strap is in good condition. 
Frank B. Van Ry was born on December 18, 1888, to Frank B. Van Ry Sr. and Margaret "Maggie" Van Ry. He was drafted into World War One, and served from 1918-1919 in the Signal Corps, returning home in April 1919.

From the chin strap, it is known that he worked in the Pigeon Corp. under the Signal Corps, which was responsible for overseeing the many carrier pigeons used by the U.S. Army in that time. Carrier pigeons were the most reliable way to deliver messages during the war, with a ninety-five percent rate of reliability. Over 100,000 pigeons were used during the war. As part of the pigeon corps, Van Ry would have been responsible for taking care of the pigeons and sending the messages out.

Frank Van Ry lived at 119 E. Ninth St. and died on June 26, 1966. He is buried in Pilgrim Home Cemetery.
Gift of
McGeehan, Frank H.