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Cream-colored, short sleeved gown.
This gown was worn by either Kate Steketee Knutson (donor’s aunt) or Kate’s sister, Josie Steketee Coster Peterson (donor’s mother).
Kate Steketee Knutson (1890-1986) was born in Holland, MI. Her parents were Anthony Steketee (1862-1944) and Dena Kamperman (1861-1953).
Kate married Christian W. Knutson (1888-1970) in Holland, MI on 1-27-1913. By 1915, Kate and Christian were living in Flint, MI, returning to Holland in 1953.
Kate and Chris are buried in Holland, Mi in Graafschap Cemetery.
Josie (1884-1977)married Paul Coster (1869-1950) and, after Paul’s death, Oscar Peterson.

Josie is buried in Holland, MI in Pilgrim Home Cemetery.
In 1921, Josie and Paul lived at 182 W. 13th Street in Holland, MI. Paul operated Coster Photo Supply. By 1929, Paul was operating Coster Motor Sales at 36 W. 16th in Holland.
Gift of
Erwin, Carma